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Loading page content. User profile for user: AndyO AndyO. Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: 0. The mini has a line-level audio input, for use with output from such things as stereo systems, CD players etc, and will therefore not work with the majority of standard PC mics, which don't output enough signal. If your mic is not amplified, that'll be the reason it doesn't appear to work. Almost any USB mic will function with the mini, or you can get a device such as the Griffin iMic which will allow your existing mic to work.

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Dec 22, AM in response to Marios Patrinos In response to Marios Patrinos I had the same problem until I tried my somewhat expensive battery powered lapel mic. That one works fine, so, like Andy said, you need something with good amplification. You might want to invest in a battery powered mic. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: vivrogers vivrogers.

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I have adjusted the sound settings to max and the mac mini sees that it is there. The input bars in the sound menu only register a sound if I am practically eating the mic when I talk. I even changed the battery in the mic to be on the safe side but no luck.

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Any ideas - I really want to use skype. Thanks Vivienne. I would say the fact you get some audio from the mic but not enough for viable use indicates that your present microphone is not outputting a high enough signal.

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Many elecret condeser type mics, and others with battery power sources output below line level voltages, so the input in the mini would simply not be sensitive enough to register the signal, and you would get exactly the results you describe. There are microphone preamplifiers you could get to boost the mics signal level, or alternatively, a number of other microphones, including almost all USB devices of this type, which would likely serve your purposes very well.

Configuring the audio interface

User profile for user: goobmicroob goobmicroob. Feb 9, PM in response to Marios Patrinos In response to Marios Patrinos isnt there some software thing to turn it from line in to mic in? Feb 11, AM in response to goobmicroob In response to goobmicroob isnt there some software thing to turn it from line in to mic in?

Software can't change the sensitivity of the input, nor the voltage of the microphone. It cancels out a lot of the background noise kind of similar to a semi-high price microphone. The build quality of the mic is also sturdy; however, the mic stand could be better because I don't like how it is right now.

But overall, I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a budget microphone for recording music or do voice-overs. I like the build quality of the mic, it also very easy to hook up and use. The muffle blocks wind noise and picks up a lot of sound. Overall it is compatible with almost every device I throw at it, check out my video below. I purchased this microphone because I wanted a replacement microphone to my old Turtlebeach microphone headset, and wanted to have a microphone that sat on the desk over one that is worn as a headset.

I have found the sound quality and sensitivity of the microphone to be amazing! My friends have also mentioned that I sound clearer and crisper when I speak. The microphone is adjustable within degrees of upward rotation see pictures. A nice and unexpected feature of it, is that it only uses a USB port from your computer whereas It works well and I tend to just leave it on.

This microphone is so amazing :!

How to set up your mic for a mac!

I am a youtube videoblogger and for better sound i needed some microphone. And this one works perfectly with my iphone.

Use the Line In Audio Input on a Mac

I am really satisfied with sound it provide, with its size, look and quality. Now there is no additional noises or sound of wind! I was also looking for something with clip and this is just perfect. It is also well made so I think it will work long time. Really quality product with quality sound. The clip was broken upon receipt, and after a quick back and forth email was sent a new one.