Skins mac 10 counter strike 1.6

If you try this with a full-auto weapon, chances are you will be killed as the weapon might jam and stop shooting. You can achieve temporary invincibility by binding the command "setinfo model.. For example:. Temporarily change your appearance by binding the command " setinfo model sas " to a key. The see splattered blood and bones as you kill enemies, bind the command "impulse " to a key and keep pressing it to see the trail of carnage.

Aim the crosshair in the middle of the enemy and shoot the bullets two by two. When the crosshair becomes large, run and reload. The target should be dead after you shoot the first two bullets. Share Pin Email. Jason Rybka is a former Lifewire PC and Console gaming writer with expertise in gaming exploits who also ran Xbox Solution and other web properties. Newly ported Beretta M92 Sword Cutlass on stylish animations.

Brand new AK from Fallout 4 with all new animations and attachments. No addons were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you try the addon list with no filter applied, to browse all available.

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We use cookies to enable you to log in, set your site preferences, analyse site traffic, personalise content and provide relevant advertising. Find out more and change your settings in our privacy policy. Counter-Strike 1. Survival kit for the "End of days" case. Modified classic handgun on 3 animations.

MAC | Neon Rider [Counter-Strike ] [Skin Mods]

Glock17 with all the best animations and design settings. Brand new pistol firing super powerful cal. HK WAR-custom - Serious sharpshooter rifle with all new attachments and animations. Another remake of my previous CW works. THis time - M Remake of my past RFB rifle with lots of new twists.

Created by phale.


Your Glock will have a much more realistic metallic look, accurately reflecting the surrounding environments. The look will depend on the map, sometimes it will look really MAC 10 for mp Created by tigg. Classic American Muscle.

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  • Model by Agent Compile and animation mangling by me. Don't put sight Created by JAX.

    Brightside's Famas mod without the dust. Be aware, your sling on the Famas won't look like the screenshots above because it uses the AT4 sling so whatever AT4 skins you have will affect the sling on this weapon. Replaces the AC Credi Created by SpartanFred. HK USP. Created by MrBrightside. Markings on the models will lead you to believe that this is a.

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    We can all blame Soldier11 for that :V Once again, another model and animation replacement for the M9 pistol this time. This does not include any sound or s Desert Eagle. Frezixx proudly presents his first animation set for Insurgency. CS:Source footsteps. Created by xDShot. This little mod I made replaces foot steps' sounds into Counter-Strike: Source ones.

    I find them more distinguishable so you can detect on what surface do other players or enemies walk more precisely. The replacement was made respectively name by name o CS:S Hands for Insurgency. Created by Slartibarty. Replaces all of Insurgency's hand models with CS:S's hands.

    Made in about 30 minutes, hope you enjoy! Replaces mp40 Sounds. Sound Mod. Created by line holder man.

    CS:GO MAC-10 Malachite HD Skin for Counter-strike 1.6

    Hear the classic sound in Counter-Strike. A famous line, "Fire In The Hole!