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Eventually, if you're lucky, you find each other and can be alone together until you're not" and compared its ending to Belinda Carlisle 's " Heaven Is a Place on Earth ".

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It was premiered on The 's YouTube channel on 3 December The video begins with Healy getting out of bed in a dark room with numerous alarm by his bedside. He goes to the mirror and switches the tap on. His reflection then clears his its throat and he promptly screams. Healy then wakes up again, this time on a sofa in a brighter room.

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Adam Hann, the band's lead guitarist , calls Healy, saying "Come on, mate. Let's do it". Healy gets up but knocks a table, causing a glass to fall onto the floor and break. However, on stage, he sees one of his backing dancers duplicate.


Confused, he shakes his head and rubs his eyes. As the song's chorus begins, he turns to his band-mates but sees that time has slowed down. He tries to start singing but discovers that his mouth has disappeared. He runs off stage and looks into the mirror, only to see his mouth back on his face. He returns on stage. He jumps off stage, falling into water. He reemerges from the water soaked. He begins to go back on stage but discovers that a copy of himself has taken over the performance.

The clone blows him a kiss and Healy leaves the concert hall.

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As he goes outside, he finds himself in the clothes he wore in the music video of "Sincerity Is Scary". He then sees another duplicate of himself being filmed for the music video. Healy then goes back into the concert hall in his original clothes. The door leads directly to the stage where the band and dancers are still performing the song, this time without any music.

The music recommences as he starts singing, but as the chorus begins he starts sinking into the floor. Another duplicate of himself is seen hanging from a rope from the stage's ceiling.

Healy then stretches his arm and pulls the rope. The clone starts to fall but then Healy suddenly wakes up again in the bright room.

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Hann calls him again and Healy gets up from the sofa. He knocks a table again but the glass does not fall immediately, instead rolling near the edge of the table.

Happy Mondays at the Roundhouse

Healy walks on stage as the glass falls to the floor and smashes. Healy is seen performing the song as the credits roll.

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Maybe it's the guitars which climb up scales in that sparkly way, or maybe it's the hit of the drums with a vintage sound calling back to discos and lit up dance floors. I think that the song is really brought to life with the chorus of voices which sound almost as though they're coming from above you when you listen. There's an embellishment of sounds dropped into the track like tiny stars being dropped into the colourful soundscape they created.

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