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Uninstalling Java on the Mac

Reverting to a Previous Version of Java for Windows Tags deprecated install java old revert uninstall version. Overview This page explains how to uninstall your current version of Java and then install an older version. These instructions focus on Java 8.

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These demands will occur from x and I can do nothing until I keep hitting return. I hope this works because I detest this program and, since I am not someone who is able to easily deal with these things, want it GONE forevermore. Well, it did not work. Seems as though I should trash this POS also.

Installation of the JDK and the JRE on macOS

Found more java crapola in Preferences. Dumped all those. Next startup should be interesting. I have just the opposite problem — getting Java to work reliably. I generally only want it for the Newsday and syndicated NY Times crossword puzzles, but it comes and goes on various browsers — Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari.

Currently it is working sometimes on Safari, sometimes not. Is there some other Mac browser that lets Java work more consistently?

You do not need it. Never mind. Do you know if Appdelete would work as thoroughly as you describe for Java?

Using SDKMAN To Manage Java Versions

AppDelete should be able to do the job. Even then you have to keep it updated to maintain it.

How to downgrade Java 7 to Java 6 on Mac OS X

Thanks for posting this. Please specify what Java does and does not, and if my Mac needs it, how could I figure it out. If you Google — java bad — you will receive more information to answer your question. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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Reverting to a previous version of Java following an update is a three-step process. You will first uninstall Java, then download and install the older version of Java from the Oracle archive, and then reinstall Voyant. This directory is part of the system software and any changes will be reset by Apple the next time you perform an update of the OS.

Next, visit the Oracle Java archive. You may need to scroll down the page to locate this particular version. Depending on the browser you are using, the Java installer will drop into the downloads directory the down arrow button top-right in Safari or will appear in the lower left corner of the browser Chrome. Complete instructions on installing can be found here.