Best mac eyeshadows for brown skin

My favorites are Cork, Saddle, and Brown Script for transition colors. I bet Amber Lights and Soft Brown would be nice eyelid shades. Ricepaper and Arena are great brow bone colors for your skintone.

Nine Must Have MAC Cosmetics Neutral Eyeshadows for Women of Color

If you're interested in Berry tones you may like the Burgundy x9 palette. It includes Cranberry or a similar shade if my memory is failing me , and Sketch, with lots of nice neutrals as well. Hope this helps! I love Club, its' a blue-brown shift type of shadow. Also try Sketch which is burgundy ish.

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I have a camelish shade but can't rem the name dammit.. I'll report back later. I love Swiss Chcocolate as a neutral lid color, but it can also be used as a transition shade. Brown Down and Embark are great for deepening your crease. I'm also slowly growing a mac collection thanks to the price drop haha.

Hey Kristen! I have seen Cranberry on so many people and it looks amazing! Hopefully one day ill be in a chair and you can work it on me! I can totally believe!

Top 10 MAC Eye shadows for Indian Skin Tones | Indian Bridal Makeup Kit

I would definitely suggest Mulch.. Why do I need this post when I have the pleasure of your company to help me select the right shades for my eyes :P?! Love the first four ya. Can you also touch upon the paint pots? I know … My bad …! Will coordinate a meet-over-coffee soon. Tempting looks soooo tempting and the Indianwood paint pot looks divine from the pot! How does it register on the eyes though? Tempting looks soooo tempting and the Indianwood paint pot looks divine on the pot!

Oh Indianwood is super pretty golden bronze! And easily among the best paint pots texture and blendibility wise!

MAC Eyeshadow x 15

MAC expresso is the color i would really want.. I have almost no neutral eyeshadows with me.. Oh MAC does such great neutrals Purva! But you could also get something like the Urban Decay palettes and then you get a lot of neutral shades and not just a few! Hey Divya, what a great collection! You have some absolute classics there!

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I did end up adding some to my stash though, including All That Glitters! I know UD Naked more or less has every neutral that one needs! My poor palette has had no love! Will definitely try and put it to use soon! Divya…this really helps. I have learnt a lotfrom them too and each post is full of quality content. Hehe, you and your bronzy golden brown tones! I know I am going to be famous very soon! I have one color from Bobbi Brown which does and even that gets very little use!

Great picks, Divya! Aah Satin Taupe is another classic! I love this post! Hi Agata! Stuff just sells out in a couple of days.. Ha ha, of course not! But I know what you mean. Your post is a Mac heaven!!! My top favourites are Mulch and Tempting!

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You love neutrals and so do I! I don't have it though but have been tempted enough times to get it! Oh Divya!! You are the ultimate enabler here!!

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I often find my self daydreaming about the MAC counter. On another eye product note, I just bought another one of our beloved Chanel creams. These are on par with the Chanels. Another fabulous post, 10 more items added onto my makeup wish list and a lotta fuel for my daydreaming. Ha ha! Thank you Amanda! Some problem with the franchise I guess because they don't have anything in stock! Glad to have added a few to your list! Let me know when you get something also if you find something amazing!

MAC eyeshadows are so beautiful, but unfortunately so overpriced here! I do own All that Glitters which is such a gorgeous all over lid shade! But see you have the best shade MAC does All that glitters! I just read your post on your storage troubles! These are lovely colors, Divya! Ill have to look up Sumptuous Olive! But I really want to get a few Rouge Bunny Rouge shades now.. Everybody goes on about them! Great stash you have there! I stopped using my MAC powder eyeshadows and eventually got rid of them, yes gasp! I have contemplated getting Contructivist SO many times!

Its a gorgeous shade for sure! The mac constructivist is gorgeous, I recommend! Hi Song! Yes Moleskin is gorgeous! So hoping they bring it back sometime also I feel so bad missing out on Carbonized.. It is my answer to lazy days and is also the perfect base for everything! He he! Oh, it works very well for me, probably because I have pigmented lids. Hi, loov-ly!

So many colours to choose from, so many finishes!